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IRIS is a Product Talent Acquisition Consultancy connecting product teams with the most exciting product people. We don’t just skills and experience match, we find the missing piece of the puzzle, it’s about belonging, not placing.

Using our community of product people, we can introduce you to many of the brightest minds working in technology and innovation today. With a background in digital product ourselves, IRIS has the understanding and the network to bring you the rockstar you’ve been waiting for.

Our tried and tested approach to Talent Acquisition has helped build some of the most innovative product teams, but how do we do it?


Call us old-fashioned, but we like to talk… we have an inherent need to get under the skin of your company, the team, the brand, the culture and thoroughly understand the role and how that fits with you today, and the you of the future.


It is what we know, but it’s definitely also who we know, thanks to our evergreen Canvas community of product people, and our product expertise through 383 Project, IRIS has the understanding and the network to narrow your search and connect you to product people who would ordinarily be outside of your network.


There’s a lot we can offer, but it can be tailored to your needs. Our ‘comes as standard’ recruitment screening process is thorough, it has to be to secure rockstars.

Other services we we can offer

  • Inclusive job description writing
  • Sourcing and head hunting
  • Screening video interview
  • Candidate task setting
  • Topgrading CV interview
  • Offer negotiation
  • Reference checking
  • Onboarding advice
  • Employer value proposition & marketing

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