Coaching Programme

At IRIS, we love Building extraordinary product teams. With over fifteen years experience building digital products and services for global brands, and insider access to a large community of product makers at Canvas Conference, we know what it takes to put together a best in class team. And it all starts with the recruitment process. We have built our own native program in association with 383, and are now sharing with you to give you the best chance of building your dream team.

Over a short series of two hour workshops, you’ll learn and practice everything you need. How to establish what success looks like, where to source talent, how to design a slick interview process, and most importantly, how to seal the deal with your chosen candidate.

This course is designed for hiring managers who don’t know where to start, and talent managers who want to bring order to internal chaos. Each session will be led by Glen Duncan, IRIS co-founder and designer of 383's recruitment structure, and you’ll also receive an e-copy of the training materials to support your journey into a rock solid recruitment approach.


#0 Health Check

You keep hiring the wrong type of person? Scared of keep repeating the same mistake? Want to spend more time doing effective recruitment rather than worrying about it?

In this free diagnostic session, we’ll be taking a look at three key areas of your hiring program to pinpoint where your exact challenges are. The answers often lie between Role Creation, Job Requisition and Interview Design, and working with Glen, you’ll review how you operate today, what the clear gaps are, and where you need to be.

  • Peer review and qualitative assessment of Role Creation, Job Requisition and Interview Design
  • Takeaway diagnostic report and recommendations for what needs focus to shore up your hiring program.

#1 Define

Why do you need a new hire on your team? How do you know exactly what you need when you start your search? Do you know what you need the new hire to achieve once recruited?

In this workshop, we take a look identifying recruitment needs, how to create compelling job descriptions, how to compile a job requisition, and designing your selection process so you can filter to ‘the one’ with ease.

  • Knowledge of how to create and articulate your business case for new hires
  • Ability to write a job description that inspires you and prospective talent.
  • Identify and create meaningful KPIs and objectives for all new roles.
  • Design off-the shelf interviewing programs that excite you, and your candidates.

#2 Discover

Where will you find your talent? Who can help you? How much time do you need to spend searching?

In this workshop, we will spend time on how to search for talent, what are the traditional sources, how to find referrals, and where responsibility lies in the business for identifying talent.

  • Identify traditional sources of talent.
  • Creation of internal and external referral programs.
  • How to engage with 3rd party recruiters.
  • Development of an always-on hiring mentality.

#3 Validate

How should you approach interviewing? How do you grade candidates? How will you make your final decision?

In this workshop, we will identify the common pitfalls of interviewing, and understand how to screen and assess candidate’s experience, skills and behaviours, and how to stop at the stop signs when you hear something that just doesn’t feel right.

  • Run a consistent end to end interview process.
  • Use dealbreaker questions to screen out candidates who lack required competencies.
  • Understand master tactics to use when vetting and validating candidate experience and skills.
  • How to use company values and diversity requirements to ensure a strong cultural fit.

#4 Pitch

How do you address candidate questions? How do you tackle counter offers? How do you sell in working for your company?

In this workshop, we will work through how to sell in your company from before your role goes live, and through the candidate journey until they are fully oriented in the business. This is the crucial step across the entire recruitment program that will set you apart from the competition.

  • Review your Employer Value Proposition and bring your business to life .
  • Address what matters to your selected candidates - Freedom, Family, Fortune, Fit and Fun
  • Manage and negotiate counter offers.
  • Design an onboarding program to win hearts and minds of new employees.

Pricing for all workshops is available on request.

Get in touch with Glen at and he’ll set you up your initial health check to get you started.